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Best World Of Women Entrepreneurs 

We looking for Women Entrepreneurs    who are interested in Working from Home base to promote various Business Services in their free time.  Alfa Bizz Corp  is a Low cost, No Frill and well funded company, but that’s not why we are able to afford to pay Low wages.  Our clients are searching for the  best talent in the World.  We are not paying based on location; we pay based on talent.  We provide our clients with a rigorous testing process to ensure we’re hiring the best.  Even in the time of Global Recession And DeMonetization our Clients are willing to pay for the best talent.

Additionally, by operating remotely we have very Less Overhead and therefore we are able to redirect saved costs to our talent network.  In doing this, we can afford to pay the best talent what they are worth.  Long term, our elite talent network is generating much more value than a workforce based solely on cost savings.

Age : Min 21 - 35 Yrs

Sex : Female Only 

Mobile : GSM Androit  with WhatsApp and Facebook

Internet : PC or Laptop with WiFi or  4G 

We have 3 types of Programme to join us


Basic  :::

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 3000 to 5000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 3-5 Hrs Per Day 5 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 4-6 Weeks 3-4 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : Free 
[5]  Education : Min Graduation / Diploma Holder


[1]  Earning Aim : INR 5,000 to 15,000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 5-8 Hrs Per Day 6 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 3-4 Weeks 4-5 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : INR 4500 Only
[5]  Education : Min Graduation / Diploma Holder

[1]  Earning Aim : INR 10,000 to 25,000 Per month 
[2]  Daily Working : 8-10 Hrs Per Day 6/7 Days a week 
[3]  Training Period : Aprox 2-3 Weeks 5/6 Days a Week 
[4]  Fees                 : INR 9500 Only
[5]  Education : Min Post Graduation / PG Diploma Holder

Best World Of Women Entrepreneurs

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